Easter Mesh Wreath Tutorial

Do you know that Easter Sunday was eagerly awaited festival event among the Christians community. Many Christians celebrate Easter Sunday as the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection in which is written in the New Testament of the Christian bible. In that the Gospel of John in the New Testament and Mary Magdalene came to the tomb where Jesus was buried and found it empty and shocked. An angel form the heaven arrived and told her the truth that Jesus had raised.  The extreme roots word of the Easter holiday traditions were been followed for many centuries and activities can be traced back to pagan celebrations begins. The name Easter is believed to come from Eostara which means the goddess of rebirth. In early ages of the times the Feast of Eostara celebrated earth’s resurrection and rebirth.

Many Christians worldwide celebrate Easter with special servicing the church, wreaths which are homemade, flowers, music, candlelight and the ringing of church bells on the mass. Easter as the greatest festival of the Church year which was viewed my Christine. Find out how you can create a unique and trendy wreath using pieces of ribbon or floral mesh. By looking at this finished project you will never believe how easy it is made. By which mesh wreath was made using the same techniques as this mesh Christmas tree.

Easter Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

What you need:

  • 14-16 inch wire or craft ring or grapevine
  • 2 yards of 2 inch wire ribbon or floral deco mesh
  • Craft wire
  • Wreath hanging hook
  • Glittery and colored eggs
  • Silk flowers
  • Butterflies

Making of the Wreath:

Step 1: Initially Prepare the base of the wreath and which can be easily made out of wire or grapevine.

Step 2: Cut the mesh or ribbons into 1 to 2 yards.

Step 3: Now start tying the pieces of mesh in knots in the base do not tie it so tightly keep the mesh somewhat loose so that it will look really bounce.

Step 4: Then cut the smaller ribbons tie it tightly with the mesh and the base.

Step 5: Now paste the silky sunflower, glittered eggs & balls and butterflies into the wreath using glue.

Step 6: Last but not least keep the Happy Easter card into the middle of the wreath.

Step 7: Hooks are placed in the back side of the wreath which help you to hang it in door.

Follow this step you your creativity and make more different designed wreath and send us the photographs.

easter mesh wreath


How To Make TuTu?

Here we go with cheap, beautiful, homemade tulle dress and for sure your little girls love this idea and be relaxed you could totally make one of these within an hour and have it ready for Christmas.

Check the step by step instructions to make tulle tutu:

Materials to be used:

  1. Tulle colors of your choice
  2. scissors to cut the tulle
  3. Cutting Board
  4. Elastic Waistband
  5. Large roll of paper bundle
  6. Hot Glue Gun
  7. Extras ribbon decorate the tutu

Making of tutu:

>>How much Tulle you need depends on how long or short you want your tutu. You should start with 2 rolls of the dominating color it varies with age you need to use many rolls and color to decorate the costume. If you want to add other colors here and there then you will only need one roll of that color tulle.

>>About Tulle, you just visit BBCrafts online store this is where I get all my tulle get the color of your choice and cut the tulle of your wish plan the size large or small so that it will be easy to cut the tulle and you will not waste ribbons.

>>Now the first most important to measure the Child waist with measuring tape you have to subtract 10 cm. If you have measured 55cm then you want to cut a piece of elastic by 45cm and hot glue the elastic ends together.

>>Allow about 2-3 minutes to dry then place the elastic around a paper towels roll. To make sure how long you want your dress it depend on you wish. Am going to design and show you for a 1 year old and I wanted it 60cm long which falls right on her knee because tulle will puff out then you have to double that length cut tulle strips that were 120cm long.

>> For a pretty and slightly puffy tutu you are going to want to fold the tulle in half width so that you can get beautiful, and then take tulle fabric ribbons for matching at the ends up so they are level with each other and make a loop in the center and place this loop under the elastic. Next pull the ends of the tutu up and over the elastic pulling it through the loop to tie one more knot into it.

>> The same way has to be repeated to the complete elastic using different colors you opt and then you have to purchase a roll of ribbon that you think would look nice with your tutu colors. Take the end of the ribbon and tie one end of it anywhere on the waistband.

>> Bring the ribbon up and put each knot on the tulle then weave each knot carefully. So that when you are done weaving takes the end of the ribbon perfectly and you can hot glue it nicely to the waistband.

Decorate your beautiful little angel with lovely and gorgeous tutu of your own creative design.

Making of Colorful Flowers Using Grosgrain Ribbon and a Button

For this craft you are in need of grosgrain ribbon, button, scissors, ruler and hot Glue Gun.

Now you need to cut your grosgrain ribbon initially start by cutting 8 pieces of ribbon. For this flower, you have cut them 6 inches long and also you can cut them whatever length you want the flower. Be careful that you should cut your grosgrain ribbon twice as long as you want your flower to be. If your finished flower is about 3 inches across since you have cut the grosgrain ribbon 6 inches long.

grosgrain ribbon flower

Now we will start with making the petals for each every piece of ribbon you cut will form a unique petal and to sure that petals which small squirt and apply little bit of glue in the middle of the grosgrain ribbon and bend in each end to stick to the glue. If your grosgrain ribbon has a right and left side, make sure you glue the wrong side.

Now we can start putting it all together so that the ribbons will turn to beautiful flowers. In order to start assembling your flower that are in need to glue all of the ribbons together and put a small amount of glue in the center of your petal pieces and place another petal piece lay it on top of the first piece so it looks like x shaped and press it into the glue.

Onto the next petal you have to add another petal to this set by placing a small amount of glue in the center and pressing another petal piece onto it as shown in the picture.

Continue gluing petal pieces on top of your petal set until you have use flower. And keep try to offset each one so it does not completely cover a petal under it.

Now this will be the last step for finishing your grosgrain ribbon flower just simply glue a button to the center of the flower. If you’re not having buttons, you can use anything you can find which should be apt for placing in the center of the flower. You can glue this flower to a magnet or you can use pin or else you can use this fun flower to embellish other flower with your own color combinations. You are not limited with your imagination you can use your creativity.

How to Make Different Bows for a Christmas wreath?

Make a personal touch wreath on your front doors with one of those pretty bows you can make your own bows it’s really a fun to make creative and really easy on the budget you have planned for decorations. Initially start with some wire edged ribbon that is firm, sturdy and is about 1 inch in width. Then take make another ribbon and tie it in a loose knot just repeat the same steps. Keep some more ribbon the same kind and just circled it on top of itself about 10 loops more or less depending on how big you want your bow to be kept.

christmas wreath

Img: fredgonsowskigardenhome

Then take your scissors and snip off the edges for getting perfect finishing. Just do one pre fold your bow to get a little bit of floral wiring and bring together the center of the bow has to open so that slicing right down the middle can be done easily made a point in the center of the wreath. Go ahead and turn your petals in a counter clockwise direction in the bow which will make your petals to flushed out, move ahead and take that knot that make work easier. Place it in the center tie it in the back of the wreath. And you have a beautiful and attractive bow ready for hanging. For the Floral Bow initially start with some ribbon that’s wired edged and at least 1 inch in width. Then make figure of 8 loops as you go pinching the ribbon in the middle of the bow. Once you have done with it take a little bit of floral wiring and wrap it real tight around the center. You will get most beautiful festive floral bow for the celebration. The two tone Bow which are too classical for the neat and polished look of your house. Next start with 1 piece of ribbon and another one that too just slightly thinner and thicker ribbon now brings the ends together put a bit of hot glue in it and then press down keep holding until there are slicked nicely secure the bow. Now take your thinner and small strip of ribbon then bring those ends repeat the same steps.

Put a little more hot glue press down with the other end. Place a third strip of ribbon. Actually the same ribbon should be used for the thinner strip and flip those ribbons. Now tie it nicely and loose so it does not gather the bow too tightly.  The final bow is to be Flatten layered bow. By cutting a piece of ribbon that has to be long as you want for tail to be fixed in the wreath and make a loose knot in the center and  move ahead then cut 3 lengths of ribbon each one gradually getting shorter. Now start with the longest ribbon take a little bit of glue and apply it to one end and put the other end on top of the bow. Then take the next ribbon and repeat with the same steps so that ribbon will be shortest length in each ribbons move ahead and put a little glue. And stack ribbons and another ribbon to be glued, and the final ribbon. And take the ribbon that we’ve already cut the center put a knot and flip your bow around to make another knot in the back so that you will get your flat layered bow.