Making of Colorful Flowers Using Grosgrain Ribbon and a Button

For this craft you are in need of grosgrain ribbon, button, scissors, ruler and hot Glue Gun.

Now you need to cut your grosgrain ribbon initially start by cutting 8 pieces of ribbon. For this flower, you have cut them 6 inches long and also you can cut them whatever length you want the flower. Be careful that you should cut your grosgrain ribbon twice as long as you want your flower to be. If your finished flower is about 3 inches across since you have cut the grosgrain ribbon 6 inches long.

grosgrain ribbon flower

Now we will start with making the petals for each every piece of ribbon you cut will form a unique petal and to sure that petals which small squirt and apply little bit of glue in the middle of the grosgrain ribbon and bend in each end to stick to the glue. If your grosgrain ribbon has a right and left side, make sure you glue the wrong side.

Now we can start putting it all together so that the ribbons will turn to beautiful flowers. In order to start assembling your flower that are in need to glue all of the ribbons together and put a small amount of glue in the center of your petal pieces and place another petal piece lay it on top of the first piece so it looks like x shaped and press it into the glue.

Onto the next petal you have to add another petal to this set by placing a small amount of glue in the center and pressing another petal piece onto it as shown in the picture.

Continue gluing petal pieces on top of your petal set until you have use flower. And keep try to offset each one so it does not completely cover a petal under it.

Now this will be the last step for finishing your grosgrain ribbon flower just simply glue a button to the center of the flower. If you’re not having buttons, you can use anything you can find which should be apt for placing in the center of the flower. You can glue this flower to a magnet or you can use pin or else you can use this fun flower to embellish other flower with your own color combinations. You are not limited with your imagination you can use your creativity.


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