How To Make TuTu?

Here we go with cheap, beautiful, homemade tulle dress and for sure your little girls love this idea and be relaxed you could totally make one of these within an hour and have it ready for Christmas.

Check the step by step instructions to make tulle tutu:

Materials to be used:

  1. Tulle colors of your choice
  2. scissors to cut the tulle
  3. Cutting Board
  4. Elastic Waistband
  5. Large roll of paper bundle
  6. Hot Glue Gun
  7. Extras ribbon decorate the tutu

Making of tutu:

>>How much Tulle you need depends on how long or short you want your tutu. You should start with 2 rolls of the dominating color it varies with age you need to use many rolls and color to decorate the costume. If you want to add other colors here and there then you will only need one roll of that color tulle.

>>About Tulle, you just visit BBCrafts online store this is where I get all my tulle get the color of your choice and cut the tulle of your wish plan the size large or small so that it will be easy to cut the tulle and you will not waste ribbons.

>>Now the first most important to measure the Child waist with measuring tape you have to subtract 10 cm. If you have measured 55cm then you want to cut a piece of elastic by 45cm and hot glue the elastic ends together.

>>Allow about 2-3 minutes to dry then place the elastic around a paper towels roll. To make sure how long you want your dress it depend on you wish. Am going to design and show you for a 1 year old and I wanted it 60cm long which falls right on her knee because tulle will puff out then you have to double that length cut tulle strips that were 120cm long.

>> For a pretty and slightly puffy tutu you are going to want to fold the tulle in half width so that you can get beautiful, and then take tulle fabric ribbons for matching at the ends up so they are level with each other and make a loop in the center and place this loop under the elastic. Next pull the ends of the tutu up and over the elastic pulling it through the loop to tie one more knot into it.

>> The same way has to be repeated to the complete elastic using different colors you opt and then you have to purchase a roll of ribbon that you think would look nice with your tutu colors. Take the end of the ribbon and tie one end of it anywhere on the waistband.

>> Bring the ribbon up and put each knot on the tulle then weave each knot carefully. So that when you are done weaving takes the end of the ribbon perfectly and you can hot glue it nicely to the waistband.

Decorate your beautiful little angel with lovely and gorgeous tutu of your own creative design.


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